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gSales Plugin

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Accounting Plugin to connect JoomISP with the Accounting Tool gSales.

This Plugin requires a valid license from gSales Gedankengut which is not part of this!

You can test the Plugin in our Demo Installation!

Available Functions:

  • automatic creation of the customer and the order in gSales
  • there is the possibility existing customers in JoomISP assign to gSales customers and reconcile the data in both directions
  • integation of customer Data of gSales in the Joomla! Frontend (no additional login required). This allows the customer to see your bills, e.g. in the Joomla! Frontend of your website
  • change customer data in JoomISP changes this automatically in gSales
  • it works in the cloud and on your own server

No invoices gets automatically created, only the preparation! Invoice creation habe to be done in gSales, via a Cronjob an automatism is possible!


  • CategoryAccounting Software Plugins
  • Version1.7.0
  • Release26. March 2018
  • gSales2.0 (rev1114)


Version 1.7.0 (100%)
Released: 26.03.2018
  • JEM Update functionality
  • optimized installation process
Version 1.6.4 (100%)
Released: 23.01.2018
  • error messages with gSales corrected


How can I pay?

Complete payment is handled over Digistore24, who are also your contracting party. Find several popular payment methods depending your country to choose from.

I have paid but not received my access data?

Please also check your email spam folder first. If there is also no mail with the access data here, please contact us.

Can I use the Extension after the expiration of my plan?

Continue to use the Joomla Extensions without restrictions, also after expiration. However you no longer receive updates and get no more support.
World Cup 2018

The Football World Cup in Russia has begun and the whole world is excited.
We thought about how we can give you extra pleasure and come up with something.

Every JoomISP Extended Package acquired from the start of the 2018 World Cup (14.06.2018), regardless of whether it is a New purchase, Upgrade or Renew, receives a free month with each German Team match at the end of the World Cup!

This corresponds in any case 3 games of the preliminary round, so at least 3 months for free!

In the best case, there are 7 games and we will be world champion!

I hope you do not think that´s it?
No, if Germany really becomes world champion, we book 12 months!

That means 159,70€ for free!

Access, time is running...



JoomISP Packages

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JoomISP Extended

159,70 € / plus tax
  • unlimited use even after the expiry

  • 12 month access to Documentation & Support

  • 12 month access to all Downloads
    • JoomISP Main Component
    • Language Files
    • Payment Interfaces

    • Plesk 12 Plugin
    • ISPConfig 3.1 Plugin
    • LiveConfig Plugin
    • cPanel WHM Plugin
    • ispCP Omega Plugin
    • i-MSCP 1.1 Plugin
    • Confixx 3 Plugin
    • viPanel Plugin
    • Providerbox Plugin

    • InterNetworX Plugin
    • InterNetX Plugin

    • gSales Plugin

    • AcyMailing Plugin
    • Whois Module
    • Progress Module

JoomISP Basic

29,70 € / plus tax
  • unlimited use even after the expiry

  • 1 month access to Documentation & Support

  • 1 month access to following Downloads
    • JoomISP Main Component
    • Language Files
    • Payment Interfaces

Our Packages are only for commercial customers and employers or legal entities not to consumers.
Payment is made completely through DigiStore24 which are also your contractor. Here you have several popular payment methods to choose from.


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